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Red Dawn 5 – AQMF Mk3 Steam Tank Company

I decided to make a Company of the “heavier” MkIII steam tanks with 3 main guns each. Three squadrons of these plus one of the MkII’s (I just like the sleeker looks of these models) – I added a HMG to the MkII’s to give them greater shots (but less penetration) than the more expensive MkIII’s.

Painting: White spray undercoat. Green basecoat. Tracks were Sombre grey. Brown ink wash. Silver for HMG’s. Black for chimney stack top and gun barrel ends. Khaki and brown ink for the rooftop HMG supports. Fake coal for model railways was glued with PVA into the hopper at the rear of each tanks.

You can see my previous post about these models here: LINK.



Red Dawn 4 – AQMF – Converted Tripods

Here are some of the Tripod conversions I made with what I had. You can see the prevoius post about these models here: LINK

I wanted to use only parts from the plastic sprues if possible.

In the cases of the Dominator model, the only non-kit part I used was a bit of 0.5mm balck plasticard to form a base inside the models head.

Painting: Silver with black ink or gunmetal basecoat followed by some brassy brass in places and green for eyes/lenses. Keeping it simple.

Basing – tried out some “red” plants on the Grenadier model (below)…

The Dominator… concept artwork v. actual model….

dominator tripoddominator tripod actual

My take on the Dominator using the plastics, some Revell plasto and a bit of plasticard…

I converted one right-handed ray gun to be left-handed by cutting off the gun of a spare arm and adding it to the end of a left-handed claw. Nice and simple. I love plastic glue.

The Missile launcher on the head is a cut down Black Dust Launcher.

The head parts were built up from Green Gas “balls” and other bits of plastic with some Revell Plasto smoothed over them to give some texture and fill the gaps.

The extra leg length comes from using the adjustable legs from six tripod leg sprues  (you get one adjustable leg per sprue and you need to use two of these per leg to get the long length).

The longer legs are not the most stable thing but they work as long as you don’t swing the model around.

Basing: the Dominator has some parts from the MkIII Baldwin tank and some bits of cut up sprue to look like it has been destroyed by heat rays (filler was used to give the bulk to the base but has made it a bit heavy).

The Reaper…

A simple conversion – three of the adjustable legs from three Tripod models with the middle part missing to make a short model. Then splice two claw arms together three times over to get long arms.

The Slaver….

Same as the Reaper but with dangling arms and one tentacle…

The Veteran…

Take some thin plasticard and cut it into shield shapes and glue to the sides of the Tripod legs and head.

Then add some spare parts from the Tripod kits to the sides, spray and paint…

The Grenadier…

Is the first one I did – just glued two Green Gas “hoppers” to the arms for the Black Dust Launcher and added the “gas canister” part of the BD Launcher to the back to make them look like propellant tanks. Very straightforward. I don’t like the “throwing” idea for green gas. More ink is needed to define the body panels! My friend Dean suggested a pin wash. Possibly….

I now need to wait for some more Tripods so I can make Scouts, Harvester, Gatherer and Scientist Tripods.

All Change – a new blog!

In my quest for moneysaving I have started a new blog as the old one has filled up with images!

If you want to check out the old one then go to: