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Dropzone Commander – UCM 1000 point basic paint job

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Using just the plastic starter set plus a Kodiak HQ, Wolverine missile launchers and a pair of Gladius Heavy Tanks (and a level 5 command upgrade) I got this lot based and painted in under two and a half hours.

The Gladius tank turrets were magnetized, though they are a bit flimsy for moving anyway.

Black spray undercoat (Halfords own primer).

Three colour paint job (base of black) then Vallejo Game Color “Tan” then “Plata” (Silver) for barrels. That’s it. It gets a force up and running for a game in no time.

I can revisit them anytime to add more colour as they are not sealed.

The infantry just had some fine sand PVA glued to the base.

There is no excuse not to get a painted army onto a table for a second game at least. Just a primer, a couple of paints and some PVA/sand or flock – heck you can just paint the base grey to match the roads.



  1. Dean Kelly says:

    Impressive for less than 3 hours work! Hat’s off!


  2. Thanks Dean. Cleanup on the plastic and resin is quick and for the UCM items seen, there is limited gluing. Painting consisted of a black spray underocat with a manual top up if needed (Valejo Game color black). Then just use a generous drybrush of a single bold colour to leave some of the black showing. Silver was used for weapon barrels. Then a quick drybrush (I do mean dry) of off-white (a light grey is good for this) to add the edges back by highlighting. All just quick but good enough to get a three colour effect. Basing is just fine sand for now on the infantry.


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