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Martian Dawn – first nine Tripods

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I finished these several weeks back but never got a chance to post about them. They could do with some more shading / ink wash I think. Will have to experiment. My goal is to work in plastics as much as possible (I am a metal-phobe I think – apart from some Drones I have yet to build).

There are five standard Assault Tripods (three with heavy heat ray, one with Black Dust launcher and one with converted Green Gas launcher system).

The other conversions are for a Grenadier,(the squat one with ‘wings – rocket pods or whatever martians shoot at range’) a Veteran (gold plated), a Dominator (the tall one) and a Reaper (the other squat one with three claws!)

Still to do are a Slaver, Scientist, Harvester, some Scouts and possibly an Overseer.

AQMF Martian9 (2)


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