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Review – AQMF – Martian Front – BEF Tommy Tanks and Scout Tripods

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Here are some items I purchased recently to complete my All Quiet on the Martian Front Project.

First is a box of three plastic Scout Tripods… these use the same leg sprue as the Assault Tripods but have smaller heads and sit lower onto the legs (there is no rectangular “torso” piece). They get a smaller Heat Ray and a Targetter (or an empty hand, though can’t figure that anybody would not use the targetter as it is so cheap). Theres no additional weapon options, but the smaller heads do look neater than the big bulky Assault Tripod heads. shame they don’t put these in the Starter box IMO. I prefer the shape and size.

The box of BEF Tommy Tanks is just the same as the US Steam tank box expect it has three metal gun barrels as well. Seems odd to waste money on another SKU just for this little bit of engineering. The guns once painted don’t look too much different do they? I just needed more US tanks and stocks in the UK are dwindling (I have been watching suppliers for months and seen that items are going out of stock or just available for top dollar), I assumed they would be the same plastic sprue as the US tanks and they are. So, just buy these if you can’t find the US ones!


The other box was US Steam tanks. Same as the contents of the Starter box. Versatile and easy to build just add glue and paint.


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