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Review – Frostgrave – Soldiers box set

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The Frostgrave Soldiers box from Northstar / Osprey is designed to allow players to round out their Warbands with enough variation of figures.

The box is sturdy card and contains four plastic sprues (made by Renedra). Each sprue has five torso/legs and a selection of 10 heads. There are several hand weapons, various rope bundles, pack, swag bag, purses, a torch, a quiver and an arm with a lantern. Plus there are two bows, two crossbows, a pair of two-handed weapons and two shields.

All, in a lot of gear for your adventurers. The stances of the bodies are pretty similar, as is the clothing. They basically look to be unarmoured, uncloaked and possibly with leather armour.

The lack of different poses can be compensated for by use of heads and choice of weapons. the bottom line, if you want to get a lot of cheaper cost figures for your starter warband then this is a good deal, especially if you can find a friend to buy half of them.

The three main issues I see are lack of poses; lack of any mail armour (a number of the higher quality troops in Frostgrave wear mail shirts) and the lack of off-hand weapons. You will need to get creative with a craft knife to make some variations for the game, as some characters have two weapons. Take a look at Guy Bowers’ post here… link.

This box seems very much centred around the protagonist with two-handed weapon or a hand weapon / shield. Left arms are mainly crooked for shields, or has a lantern in it. It would have been good to sacrifice one item on each sprue to see a potion bottle for the alchemist). A right-handed dagger would be good also.

The price tag of £20 for 20 figures makes them almost double the cost of say, Gripping Beast plastics for Saga. They are more versatile though.

The figures are fine and easy to glue. If you have any Renedra made figures for Saga (Gripping Beast Saxons, Vikings or Dark Age Warriors) you should find the scale and design familiar.

All In all I will give this box a 7.5 out of 10. The lack of a few items on the sprue was a bit of a let down. As was the lack of interesting alternate poses.


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