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Review – Mantic Kings of War – Undead army box set

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My good friend Dean recently sent me a box of the older KoW Undead army – the one with 110 figures (skeletons, zombies and ghouls).

Mantic have been changing their offerings and now have a similar box set of 90 plastic/resin minis.

I ordered one on a good deal (free postage, 10% off, plus a free soft copy rulebook!) as an alternative to getting the older box (which seems to be going out of stock a bit now in the UK – all change?).

The box has 20 Skeletons, 20 Armoured skeletons, 20 Ghouls and 20 Zombies. Plus there’s a unit of 10 Mummies.

The Ghouls come two to a small sprue and have limited head/arm combos. There are plenty of Zombie and skeleton parts that you can use for conversions though!

The skeletons and Revenant (armoured) skellies come 10 to a sprue with lots of variation (torso / legs are separate as are heads and weapon options. There is also an armoured dog and a base that can be used for a head or arm appearing out of the ground. Lots of potential here.

The Zombies come three or four to  base – you get 6 sprues in this set. Each sprue has three full size figures plus an extra round base that can be used to show something coming out of the ground. You will have to use two of these at least to get the twenty figures you need for a unit. Again, there are plenty of bits and pieces to give variation and a level of “gore”.

In addition to the 80 plastic figures, there is also a bag of 10 resin/plastic Mummies for you to build. They come with a variety of arms, heads and cloaks and look pretty menacing. The figures are pretty clean and don’t look to need much in the way of clean up. Though I would give them a bath in warm soapy water just to remove and possible release agents left from the casting process.

There are 9 sprues of bases (20mm squared) for all the figures to be mounted on (90!). These are sturdy grey plastic with a circular slot to hold the figure base firmly in place. I like this idea.

All in, the figures are well sculpted, look great when painted, offer a range of height options to creat a tide effect of advancing undead (e.g. link). The figures a ‘slighter’ in build than the GW ones, but IMO look ten times better. Good value for money when you get 90 or 110 figures for around £45

The softback rulebook is also very good. With army lists as well, you have everthing you need to play.

Here’s what is inside…. you also get four mantic points (not nine as per the older 110 figure box set).


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