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Altar of Freedom – Timecast Roads and Rivers – static grass and varnish

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I added some Javis Summer mix static grass to the Timecast road edges and river banks. When dry I treated the rivers to some Vallejo gloss varnish. There’s something about flowing water that seems to make gloss varnish work for me. I guess if it was stagnant water then it would be dirty and lifeless (matt varnish?!)

The Varnish is supposed to help with the flexibility of the latex scenery. Hopefully it will slow down the cracking of the paint over time (if it happens at all).

Looking at the pictures I spotted I had missed the grass from one river piece. That was after checking twice! Back to the PVA….




  1. Good to see how those come together. Did you consider adding a bit more grass bushles here and there in the middle of the roads?


  2. Thanks for the comment. I had thought about addinbg some more detail to the roadways themselves but have decided not to. Having looked over a number of old B&W photographs of the era the “roads” on the battlefield images seem to be little more than dirt tracks. I will leave the roadway “muddy”. The edges of the roads will probably just be left as plain static grass. I have some fields made from carpet tile that use bushes around the edges to give some hedging effects. Those will probably look great next to some of the roads.


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