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The end for some games of mine…

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After a bit of a sojourn and the event that is Corrivalry, I find myself getting rid of my AQMF models. Basically, the game is dead unless a new and decent rulebook is ever written. I can’t justify sitting on a game that I just won’t play. so, bye bye models. If there is anything left when you read this, you can find the items for sale here… link.

I have also put some Beyond the Gates of Antares models up for sale. Bottom line is, I am not really excited about the rulebook for BtgoA and the model range is a problem for me.

The decent models tend to be metals, but I don’t want to go down that route. HAveing bought into the plastics (just the Concord and Ghar models at this time) I am not a fan of the look, fell and buildability (new word) of these models. They are fiddly.

So, goodbye anything that will sell.

and hello again to Flames of War.

I just realised how much i like that game and what a quality product it is. Some great models from Battlefront, plenty of choice from the likes of PSC too. The game may have issue here and there, but it is quality system and fun to boot.

So, I am building up two new forces, Grenadiers and Herman Gorring  (yes, I know, I used to have these!) and hope to get two really useful companies on the table.

Keep those eyes peeled.


….what it used to be…. so lets see what it will look like when it is re-born…



  1. Argentbadger says:

    It is always a shame to be letting go of miniatures, but hopefully someone else can get the fun out of the AQMF toys and give you more space.


    • Thx for the response. Yes, I really don’t see the point of having a game sat around that you are not going to do anything with. In the case of AQMF I really think the rules/points system let the game game. The models in themselves are (were) fine.


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