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Flames of War – two AAR’s – 1420 points Late War

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I played a couple of games of Flames of War a few weeks ago at the newly revamped Element Games North West Gaming Centre.

Game 1 – My British 11th Armoured v Germans

I got to face off against Hammy in a Free For All. I took the table edge that allowed him to put his 88mm guns in the centre on a hill and overlook his objectives. Bit silly of me I guess. After that I placed my infantry platoons one on each objectives and backed them up with the tank platoons.

I tried to move in on his left flank objective and used my tanks to whittle down his platoons. I managed to kill a couple of his defending platoons.

Hammy used ranged gunfire to try to kill and bail my tanks and eventually made a move with his panthers across to my left flank. I managed to take out one panther somehow.

In a war of attrition Hammy killed a couple of my platoons and we ended up with a few British infantry teams slogging it out with a couple of panthers over the objective. Somehow the panthers all died but I failed a last man standing and the objective was left wide open but with only distant German infantry to try to take it.

As we were running out of time and no one had a great advantage in terms of taking an objective in the next two turns we called it a Draw but with some two/three platoons a piece dead it was not a great day for collecting VP’S! Fun little game that dusted off my models after months on the shelf (and surprise that the tanks didn’t go down to 88m guns as quickly as I suspected they would).

Game 2 – my Germans v Dan’s Allied 9th Lancer tanks (6 platoons and 4 platoons respectively).

The German Grenadierkompanie 352 from the Fortress Italy book was Confident Veteran. I took 2 platoons of rifle MG’s, 2 PAK40’s, 4xPanzer 4 H, 3 x StuH, 3 recon cars (223/222’s) and limited Stuka air support. The Allies had two tank platoons, recon and an infantry platoon plus limited air support as I recall.

Mission: cannot remember – it was lengthwise so Pincer I think. I defended and placed an objective to the back right. Stupid move that may well have cost me the game. Dan placed his objective front and left to make a quick grab. I used infantry to defend that objective. My Panzer 4’s were in Ambush (or immediate ambush…?)

I should have put my objective in the centre with the PAk40’s to provide support for the attack to my left flank. I always think of the right move after the game. Deployment is my main Achilles heel I am sure.

Dan ignored my further away PAK protected objective with the 2iC in favour of an all out attack on his nearer objective. He used air to neutralise my air and recon for taking off GtG. His tanks tried to soften my infantry up then he launched an assault that killed off about half my infantry. I sprang my tank ambush behind theĀ  hill near the objective and used it to reinforce the defenders. The Germans managed to beat back the attack with infantry and panzers at a small loss. The Allied infantry platoon collapsed and was lost. At that point it looked like I might just win this fight.

Then the Allied tanks came in and I decided to bring my newly arrived StuH’s on from the side and take side shots at the approaching Allied tanks. Guess what, I roll 3 one’s and whiff. In return the StuH’s are slaughtered next turn (I forgot stormtrooper but it would not have helped as cover was too far away). I lost the StuH’s in one turn of Allied firing.

At that point I was on the back foot. I brought on infantry reserves to try to counter the tanks but they were machine-gunned down in their first turn i recall.

Finally my recon cars came on to hide behind the hill as the Allied tanks rumbled on. Dan’s air support hit a couple of 222’s but somehow only bailed one.

My PAK40’s did nothing all game as the enemy kept away from them.

Finally, my Panzer 4’s and recon cars were killed and my company broke. A 5-2 to Dan I think. Fun game but I should have done better in deployment and could well have won.



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