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Summer Update – Flames, AoF & Kings of War

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Well, it’s been a while…my first update for some time. I have been pretty busy but found time to either blog a bit or actually get on and get some armies built and painted.

Early April saw a family trip to York and a walk round the town, walls and museums. Excellent place to spend a couple of days. As it was a Roman and a Viking settlement there’s a lot of history. Sadly, the Yorvik museum and York Dungeon was closed as it had flooded a few months earlier.

Way back in mid-April I took my son and his friends paintballing. It was good to get out but the journey to the centre was a nightmare of off-road pot-holed track before arriving at a quagmire of a wooded area. At times it was impossible to walk let alone run over a number of the combat arenas. Still, it got the cobwebs well and truly blown away!

Back in early June the family went to the UK Games Expo at the NEC. I didn’t really take any pics this year. The main venue is now a large arena / hall and not the hotel setting of previous years. TO be honest, I didn’t like it. Far too much to try to see and in a random fashion and without the cosiness of the hotel rooms and corridors. I guess the show has now grown too big and commercial for my liking.

I chose to build and start painting and blog later. Glad I did as I have got quite a bit done.

First, Flames of War. Since Corrivalry 2016 I wanted to get a German force completed. In a way I now have two forces. A Stug Batterie and a Grenadier Company. Nice and simple and based around the plastic  starter set. I added some more battlefront StuG’s (and the StuH variant) along with a heavy platoon (HMGs and 81mm mortars) and four Wespe’s (I know – expensive for what they are – I just love them). I also added in a platoon of three plastic SdKfz222’s as a recon unit (one was slightly modified to be a 223 radio car complete with broom bristle antennae (I don’t like the metal ‘radiator’ piping aerial on the battlefront 223 model).

Then I noticed the box of Mantic Kings of War Undead sitting at the side of my desk and instead of getting the decals on the German tanks I started building a 2000 point Undead force for KoW. I added the contents of the Undead Elite Army

I needed to get some more Plastic KoW Undead (they are cheap points wise which is a mixed blessing) and so bought the 2 player set that has the rulebook and some Dwarfs in it as well. Guess what? The Dwarfs were built as an “interrupt mode” between Undead batches and expanded out to include TWO units of Giant Badger Riders for another 2K points army. The Brock cavalry are soooo nice and at 26 Attack dice for 10 they can really throw out some hurt.

The Kings of War rule set just seems to streamline the game and make Fantasy a joy again. (having used some Dwarfs and my old GW Goblins to play against my son (and lost to him).

Finally, I built some more 6mm brigades for ACW “Altar of Feedom“. They aren’t finished yet but when they are I will be able to run most of the game battles and the new Vicksburg Campaign.

I still need to finish off the woods I built last year. They are made from black foamboard with mixed clump foliage glued on top. the underneath needs to have more steady supports. The clump foliage also needs more glue as some of it tends to come off when you are gaming and moving scenery.

There was also some resin railway to base up for AoF too. It’s pretty brittle and must have a solid base of some sort. I gave the resin a clean in soapy water then let it air dry before gluing it to the bases with a grab adhesive from a cartridge gun.

Once these last items are painted I then need to tidy up the game table area and then I can run an AoF battle – the brigades are all labelled up.


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  1. Emjenic says:

    Well, you seem to have been busy alright! I have just started painting up some figures for AoF and look forward to reading your further adventures and experiences 😊


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