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The Eagle has landed (almost)….

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One other mini project I did work on for an evening recently… a model Space 1999 Eagle Transporter. These re-makes of 1970’s kits are easy to build and look great as scenery for 20 or even 28mm gaming figures.

I now have a companion to my old 1970’s model kit – that one has seen some damage (the landing pads are easily snapped off when you are a kid or careless adult).

The only thing to watch for is not to let the glue go around the outside of the passenger module as it can discolour the plastic a little (the module joins from two halves lengthwise).

The last thing to do for me was to spray the model black to match the older one I have for a possible RPG scenario. Otherwise you can use the decals supplied to embellish the kit.



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