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New Kings of War Army – ready for Battle

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I have just finished my army for todays (in about 8 hours time) Elemental Kings event at Element Games, Stockport.

I may need a little luck as I only have one game under my belt and definitely no KoW tournament experience.

The quickest army to get finished were my part painted Warhammer Lizardmen, hence they became KoW Salamanders, 2000 points.

A Clan Lord on Fire Drake, a Herald on Raptor mount, 2 regiments of Kaisenor Lancers, 2 Ankylodon battle platforms, 2 Salamander Prime Regiments and 5 troops of Ghekottah Hunters with blowpipes. Add in some ensorcelled armour for the hero and a Brew of Strength for a cavalry unit and that’s it.

No idea if it is good or bad… ah well, I really need the experience.





  1. Argentbadger says:

    Good luck! Playing an unpracticed list is far better than not playing at all.


  2. Nice work – they will look great on the battlefield. All the best for the tournament.


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