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Kings of War – Greater Fire Elementals

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I put together a couple of Greater Fire Elementals for my KoW Salamander army as there is a tournament coming up soon. They are a decent unit in the game, with 8 attacks at Crushing Strength(4). A couple of them seem useful on the battlefield and should do more damage than the equivalent points of Gekkotah Hunters I used back at Elemental Kings.

The models are Scibor resin bases mounted on Renedra 50x50mm plastic bases. The Fire Elementals are a couple of Games Workshop plastic Flamers of Tzeentch with cartridge glue flames to break up the smoother lines of the model.

Painted with several Vallejo Game Colour paints and based with  Javis static grass using PVS glue. BAse edge is painted with Brunel Frnaklin Burnt Umber paint (a great colour for earthy bases and only 1.49 from B&M’s for 200ml).

I decided to give OSL (Object Source Lighting) a try by imagining the red and yellow light bouncing off the nearby hard rock surfaces, with deeper shadow on the opposite sides.

It seems to have worked out fine

– good enough for me for a first attempt.

Total time to build, paint, flock about 90 minutes tops for both models.




  1. Dean Kelly says:

    No wonder that they kept killing me on our vassal games!

    Impressive work

    Liked by 1 person

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