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Kings of War – The Aire Conflict

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Pictures from the KoW Aire Conflict game.

Held at Patriot Games, Leeds and organised by Nick Williams. The format was five rounds lasting 60 minutes each and set at 1200 points. There were 14 players. Restrictions on the lists were to limit Hero and Monster choices to remove spam. I promptly forgot that in the final build but was forgiven at the church of ineptitude by a saintly Nick… thank you.

There were a spread of army types and I got to play against some really good tacticians. Every game is a learning process.

The surprise for me was how good the Orcs can be. Some hard-hitting boys there. Undead elite used well can certainly ruin your day. So can Nature, but in a softer way somehow!

Venue (soft hue of a fogged camera at 9ish in the morning) and goody bag (thanks Nick – it’s these things that count)… the shop staff were friendly and polite and even though the place got busy with other gamers it didn’t spoil the fun one bit. Oh, and the lunchtime sandwiches and cookies were really good too. Too much to eat!

Special mention to Nick’s terrain making – seven tables of fantastic scenery – it really stood out. Even his speed painted army looked great especially with your camera flash on!

Army Pictures…. with Dan King’s snowy battleboard complete with glowing fire – nice.

Nick’s stand-in Undead … glowing eerily…


I took my Salamanders… 1200 points of 2 x Salamander Primes, 2 x Kaisenor Lancers… 2 x Greater Fire Elementals… 1 x Ankylodon Battle Platform.

I couldn’t fit more than 10 points of magic into the above and no wizards and NO Inspiring. Oh dear. It was going to be tough….

Game 1 – Push v Walter’s Undead. Just four units but they were tough. From memory: Vampire on Wyrm, Lykanis, 2 x werewolf hordes, 1 x wraith troop.

I spread out my line too far with only my GFE’s on my left opposite the bulk of The Undead. By the end of turn two i had lost my GFE’s and i think one Salamander Primes. Then it was just a matter of turning the rest to face the onslaught. I was wiped out.

Game 2 – Dominate – Dan Cain’s Empire of Dust. Again, managed to fluff it up and hold back too much when i should have gone forward to take the centre ground. My limited shooting was ineffective and I never could get to the centre ground. Another bad loss.

Game 3 – Control – Mike’s Kingdoms of Men – 2 spear regiments, 1 berserker regiment, 3 arquebusier troops, 2 mounted scout troops, 1 wizard (lighting bolt and inspiring talisman, 1 beast of war). Facing a gun line army for a change so I chose to hoof it across the table. I got sorely beat up for that with some shooting and flank charges but at the end we got one point apiece and got a Draw. This really was the soft end of the lists I got to play against and made a change in pace to really run out and attack. Thanks Mike.

Game 4 – Pillage – Chris’s Orcs. These had two small shooty units but boy did they do well killing off a lancer unit i recall. I failed to push forward on my right and got sorely whacked in the centre and then the left by three very tough units and one mean chariot boss type. By turn 6 I had nothing left on the table and never got more than a few wavered units. Do not underestimate the Orcs!

Game 5 – Invade – Richard’s Nature list – from memory –  two regiments of Earth Elementals, one Horde of Water Elementals with brew of haste, flying dude, Tree Herder and Green Lady Nature herself. Basically lost my two cavalry units and then a GFE on my right flank after some cunning moves by Richard. I managed to keep one Salamander Prime and the Anklyodon on the table and into the other half but lost massively on points difference. A well constructed list and very nicely modelled and painted. Thanks for the game Richard it was a joy to be slowly pummelled not ripped apart for a change.

What did I learn?

Well, don’t take Salamanders again… well no. They are okay. I just failed to use them well. I should have stopped a unit and taken some inspiring. Also, I needed some buffs to my hit rolls. Just having Crushing strength is not enough.

At this points levels, most of my opponents were taking lean and mean forces with a core of two or three killy units plus close support for magic and shooting and Inspiring.

I should have heeded Walters words and kept my force tight and self-supporting. The first of my units to go were usually my cavalry and the longest lived usually the Ankyldoon.

Almost ignore the scenario at least till turn 5! Go in hard to remove units in one turn by multi charging. I did not really do that and neither did i hardly get to hit a flank but did get flank and rear charged myself.

Play some games, see how better players do things. Put a list together that really works for you and practice with it – I need to!

I have yet to see a “bad” KoW army, just different skill and experience levels of players. Go on, play in a tourney… you’ll love it.

Results – I have replaced my poor photo’s with Nicks excellent summary….


Edit: Dan put up a video of the event on youtube with his excellent photo’s… Link.



  1. Brendonius says:

    What an awesome looking event. Thanks for sharing the pictures and your words. cheers

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Argentbadger says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I’m always inspired by the cheery ways you write about getting your little dudes crushed/stabbed/eaten/etc; a lot of gamers could learn a lot from you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Argentbadger. Thank you for your kind words. I like to play the game regardless of the result. If I worried about winning I would have quit wargaming in 1990 ! I would really envcourage anyone who enjoyed WFB or similar games and has been on the fence about KoW to give it a go. You can find the rules and army lists for free so just supply bases / armies.


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