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Kings of War – Salamander army progress

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I picked up some GW Lizardmen and Empire models to try to convert some Ancients on Rhinosaurs models from Saurus cavalry and to make some Corsairs infantry.

The Rhinosaurs were Saurus cavalry with the legs extended. these will be covered with green stuff. The cavalry with have some work on the head done if time allows. The riders will have new longer weapons made. All in this should help explain the Crushing strength (2) rating and Thunderous Charge (2) rating.

The corsairs were regular Saurus Warriors with parts added from the Empire Pistoliers with a bit of jigging about to make two models into one (one guy is jumping into the other arms). I wanted a Pirate feel to these guys.

These guys will be supported by a Hero on Rhinosaur, some Kaisenor Lancers and a few other units TBD.

I want to do a more Salamander themed colour scheme (red based i suppose) rather than the traditional GW Lizardmen blue / green.



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