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Kings of War – Undead army progress

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I have an upcoming KoW 2000 point tournament in Stockport at the start of April. I have entered an army list for the event based on my 1200 point Leodis Bash tournament list.

So to build this more units were needed.

Using Mantic models barring three cavalry for a Soul Reaver regiment, I built up a mix of unit types and got on with painting and basing.

Bases were plastic GW trays adapted for Kings of War. the underside has sticky backed magnetic sheeting on to keep them attached to a carrying case. The blueness on some of the model bases is blue decorative sand (very granular) used prior to an undercoating with black spray primer (Halfords). I have a lot of sand to use up.

Going back to the start – this is what I had ahead of the Leeds 1200 point tournie….


This is what i had at that tournament…


This is most of what I prepared for the next part of the 2000 points…


And here is one of the painted units…. a teaser…




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