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Flames of War v4 – DAK army – “Reinforcements”

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After losing again to the British playing v4 mid war I decided to follow advice and diversify and get some supporting units.

Some scouts, artillery, more AT and AA were in order.

The AA should help defend my artillery and AT guns. The artillery would be good for smoke and possible pins against the enemy artillery. The scout vehicles should be able to move quickly to cover exposed flanks as well as be able to increase the deployment area in some cases. The AT guns are to help shore up my one platoon that needed to be able to take care of a number of British tanks.

Building and Painting.

1 x 4 105cm artillery guns.

1 x 3 5cm AT guns.

1 x 4 221/222 light scout vehicles.

1 x 4 2cm mobile AA guns.

The build was pretty straightforward and mainly consisted of supergluing wheels to resin scout cars and pretty easy plastic guns to bases. No real issues though the 5cm gun rails are a bit fragile IMO. Another one snapped while cleaning the remains of a piece of sprue off it.

Painting followed the same regime as the earlier article, though I have the ink shade wrong and need to correct it before going any further (always test it out first before going all out with the big brush!)



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