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War of the Worlds – the Martian Front

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According to wikipedia today is the 40th Anniversary of the release of Jeff Wayne’s classic album “The War of the World’s”.

In honour of this I use this as an opportunity to show something I have been working on for the last couple of weeks.

Some years back I took an interest on the wargame “All Quiet on the Martian Front” from Alien Dungeon in the US. Sadly, shortly afterwards, the company went bust and the game seemed to have died an early death.

Fortunately another company bought the rites to the product and have kept it alive.

I decided to have another go at this game as I really do like the theme.

So, here you go – meet my Martians….

Here are the Tripods – left to right / front to back. Harvester, Royal Scientist, Slaver, Veteran, Red Martian (converted parts), Grenadier (scratch build), Green Gas, Heat Ray x 2, Scout, Black Dust Launcher, Heat Ray.

Plus Drones on the right – “rager” artillery and Scorpion assault.


The troops on the bottom right image above are Humans who have been turned into Lobototon Slicers by a mind immeasurably superior to our own….

Ulla…. Ulla….

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  1. Barks says:

    Very nice- It is quite tempting to get a few tripods for my collection…


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