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Warhammer World – a visit

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After a long absence from our gaming sessions, my friend Dean and I got to meet up at Warhammer World for a game of 40K. It was great to get back in the Warhammer saddle and play on a great looking table and with Dean’s fantastic armies.

WW had changed a bit since our last visit. The entrance was different and the gaming space a little more crammed up to allow for an expanded shop and a forge World shop.

After narrowly avoiding being blown apart by an aircon unit and regrouping on another table we were able to get down to some good old action.

I almost came close to winning – well not quite but it wasn’t as foregone as i expected. The game really has changed under the bonnet despite appearing to be the same as the previous edition we played.

It seems that vehicles are pretty hard now as you will see from Dean’s own write up HERE (I am not going to repeat the batrep myself).

We managed to learn some of the new game at least and get lunch and FINISH the game with time to look round the shops! Never used to be that way in the old days!!

Thanks Dean, it was a great day and you “dun good” with your painting as always.


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