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Tools – Laser Pointer and Laser Line (“Target Lock”)

Useful for the game are a couple of laser tools – a cheap laser pointer from eBay that picks out targets (and anything else you care to point at – be careful).

Also, there is a “Target Lock” laser line generator from Army Painter. This device draws a red line across your wargame table to stop any arguments about what can be seen by one figure or vehicle.

The cheaper pointer worked just fine first time out the packet once the batteries are activated by removing a small paper disc from the screw-in end cap.

The Laser pointer was cheaper than the ‘Target Lock’ but is less sturdy than the ‘Target Lock’ but is better than a Pointer that I got from Army Painter and had to send back. The spring fell out of the barrel when taking the three batteries out!

The Target Lock is much better than the Army Painter IMO for quality alone. Its heavier (= sturdier).

Both devices are cheap enough and useful enough to add to the gamers chest of tools. They both came with the batteries needed (three AG13/LR44)