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AoF – Altar of Freedom – Gettysburg Campaign

It has been sometime since I played or mentioned the excellent 6mm ACW wargame “Altar of Freedom“. That has now changed.

I am pleased to say that Greg Wagman (and no doubt his gaming group!) have been busy with their new campaign “A Formidable Invasion”.  This is the Gettysburg Campaign of June/July 1863 that most fans of the game had been wanting for some time. The wait is over. You can find the web page with the details here. Having read through and printed it off (plus the map and cards that support it) I wish i could play it straight away.

Enjoy the read and do try and run it. Its a great wargame and the Campaign just begs to be played. Thanks for this wonderful gift. If you want a smaller Campaign to try then use their “Gibraltar of the West” to start with… here.


AQMF – a new Martian Wars blog

Just to let you know I have created a new blog just for the “All Quiet on the Martian Front” Game. A link from the title bar will be added as well.

You can find it here:



All Quiet on the Martian Front – Civilians

No AQMF game would be complete without those panicking civilians to become fodder for the Martian “plan” would it? Where do all those Lobototon’s and Rager’s come from after all? Food for the Harvester and all that…



All Quiet on the Martian Front – the Humans

Continuing the development of a new set of forces for AQMF here are my Human forces…

A tank Company (no commander model yet) plus one platoon of three MkII Steamer tank (with HMG option) and three platoons each with three MkIII Steamer tanks.

Support for tanks are a Fuel tender and a Munitions Carrier. Other tanks include a Clamp tank and a Tesla Electric Artillery Steamer tank.

Infantry have an overall Force commander, a command team, four infantry squads, two units of Rough Riders and two units of HMG’s.

There are also seven 4 inch gun teams that can be used as a fixed position defence unit as needed (the leftover steamer tank turrets are very useful!)



Prospective purchases would be a Minelayer Tank and a MkIIc Command Tank.

Hopefully the Human force above is enough to stop the Martians force from my previous post…

War of the Worlds – the Martian Front

According to wikipedia today is the 40th Anniversary of the release of Jeff Wayne’s classic album “The War of the World’s”.

In honour of this I use this as an opportunity to show something I have been working on for the last couple of weeks.

Some years back I took an interest on the wargame “All Quiet on the Martian Front” from Alien Dungeon in the US. Sadly, shortly afterwards, the company went bust and the game seemed to have died an early death.

Fortunately another company bought the rites to the product and have kept it alive.

I decided to have another go at this game as I really do like the theme.

So, here you go – meet my Martians….

Here are the Tripods – left to right / front to back. Harvester, Royal Scientist, Slaver, Veteran, Red Martian (converted parts), Grenadier (scratch build), Green Gas, Heat Ray x 2, Scout, Black Dust Launcher, Heat Ray.

Plus Drones on the right – “rager” artillery and Scorpion assault.


The troops on the bottom right image above are Humans who have been turned into Lobototon Slicers by a mind immeasurably superior to our own….

Ulla…. Ulla….

Warhammer World – a visit

After a long absence from our gaming sessions, my friend Dean and I got to meet up at Warhammer World for a game of 40K. It was great to get back in the Warhammer saddle and play on a great looking table and with Dean’s fantastic armies.

WW had changed a bit since our last visit. The entrance was different and the gaming space a little more crammed up to allow for an expanded shop and a forge World shop.

After narrowly avoiding being blown apart by an aircon unit and regrouping on another table we were able to get down to some good old action.

I almost came close to winning – well not quite but it wasn’t as foregone as i expected. The game really has changed under the bonnet despite appearing to be the same as the previous edition we played.

It seems that vehicles are pretty hard now as you will see from Dean’s own write up HERE (I am not going to repeat the batrep myself).

We managed to learn some of the new game at least and get lunch and FINISH the game with time to look round the shops! Never used to be that way in the old days!!

Thanks Dean, it was a great day and you “dun good” with your painting as always.


Team Yankee – first Battle Report

This game was over by the end of Turn 4 so it’s not going to be a battle report.

Dan and I played 100 points of his BAOR Chieftain formation v my Soviet T-64’s formation.


2 x HQ Chieftains (no stillbrew) (12 pts)

2 x 3 Combat platoons of same. (18 pts each)

3 x swingfire AT (6 pts)

4 x Abbot artillery. (6 pts)

1 x FV432 mech platoon (7 pts)

4 x Scorpion recon (4 pts)

2 x Scorpion recon (2 pts)

1 x FV432 Forward observer.(1 pt)

2 x Spartan SAM (3 pts)

4 x TOW Lynx (12 pts)

4 x Harriers (10 pts)


1 x HQ T64 with songster missile (7 points)

2 x 7 platoon of T64 with missiles (39 p (3 pts each)

2 x BMP2 scouts (3 pts)

2 x shilka AA (2 pts)

2 x Gopher AA (2 pts)

1 x BMP2 mech platoon of infantry (8 pts)


Dan’s setup of the terrain was fantastic and his well painted armies are always a pleasure to play against.

TY 100pts Sov v BAOR g1 (4).jpg


We both went for an Attack stance and rolled the Free-for-all mission. Dan won the roll for attacker and later won first turn. I got to deploy first and put my two Recon BMP2s in the middle and made a spearhead drive forward behind the big oil tanks and the wall. That unit never achieved anything further in the game.

As he had more drops (units) than I did he got a significant advantage over me when it came to waiting to see where I deployed my tanks and two AA units.


I got lucky at the start my right wing T64 Company didn’t take any damage from the Chieftains at the back.

I moved my centre and right tanks up but also managed only to bail out one chieftain.

TY 100pts Sov v BAOR g1 (8)TY 100pts Sov v BAOR g1 (9)TY 100pts Sov v BAOR g1 (12)TY 100pts Sov v BAOR g1 (16)

Dan then got his Lynx TOW helos onto the table and all hell broke loose. Pretty much all 8 chieftains and 4 Lynx laid into six of my exposed T64s and killed 5 of them and bailed one.

The last T64 on the other side of the wood had failed his cross check and missed the battle. He turned tail and ran back to Mother Russia.

In the centre I didn’t get to hit anything as the only target were the three ATGs on the hill at the back needing 6’s to hit.

Later that unit would take out my centre AA.

TY 100pts Sov v BAOR g1 (24)

On the left side, the battle for the objective never got off the ground as both sides seemed to bog down.

The Brits used their swingfire AT I think to kill one BMP2 transport and later used their light vehicles (scorpion recce x4) to brass up the Soviets infantry and killed one stand. The artillery then dumped smoke in front of the BMP2s to keep their toy cars safe from 30mm cannon reprisals.

The best the Soviets did was to bail out one vehicle.

The Brit infantry spent the game in the wood defending the poor artillery from nothing and brewing tea.

TY 100pts Sov v BAOR g1 (21)

In the centre the Soviet T64s rolled forward but suffered from cross fire from the Chieftains and the Soviet right flank.

In the end they managed to kill two swingfire AT vehicles that had been bugging the Soviet AA. The last Brit vehicle stoically made his last stand test and failed to run off and give up a point to the Soviets.

Finally, the Chieftains and Lynx turned in to help finish off the Soviet HQ tank.

TY 100pts Sov v BAOR g1 (28)

In that same turn the harriers came on board to finish off the last platoon of tanks. The Formation was already now doomed as the HQ and one combat platoon were dead leaving one not in Good spirits. However Dan got a great photo opportunity.

With the Soviet tank formation gone the support units melted away and the Brits won the day. Huzzah for the BAOR.


A great day for the Brits. Thanks to Dan for the game. Lovely table and model as always.

I learned a few things about TY.

  1. Don’t split your force. I tried to fight on two flanks and got taken apart piecemeal. Concentrate your force. Dan did and won.
  2. Don’t leave your AA in easy to kill places.
  3. It would be better to keep to one side of the table allowing the infantry and AA to better cover the whole army rather than stretch out in a line.  I even had Dan’s objective placement in my favour here. He put one on my left and one in my centre. I could have stayed on the centre left and swung over for a big strike.
  4. Helicopters get a Gods-eye-view of the battlefield. They can target things like my HQ tank with impunity.
  5. Consider taking some helicopters of my own. Hinds would make a good anti-Lynx option.
  6. Very important this. HAVE more unit drops at deployment.
  7. Where ever I put my tanks Dan always had the advantage of more units to deploy so could afford to wait and place his 8 tanks to block up my advance with his slower Chieftains (then bring in Lynx and Harriers again no doubt).
  8. Take more units of AA and also consider ranged AT missiles and Artillery for pinning and smoke to cover an advance or block a line of sight for a turn.

There you have it. I learned a lot from that first game. Thanks Dan.