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Frostgrave – the rule book and the start of a warband

I won’t go into detail about this “RPG Lite” game as there is a lot already out on the interwebs. I will say that if skirmish fantasy RPG’s are your thing then you should really like this.

The book can be bought currently for between 10.49 and 15 pounds in the UK. It is a glossy hardback with a decent size font (readable!).

The game has three main areas of interest. As a straight “find. grab, kill” skirmish game, which is pretty fast from the battle report and videos posted so far on the web. The second is, I think, a good one – as a Tournament game. Just take your starter warband, minus some of the campaign bits like XP and a few spells, and you have a game that can be fought in say an hour or so. Repeat with a new opponent and a different layout / mission and there you go. Tourney.

Thirdly, it is billed as a Campaign game. Some criticism has been levelled already that it doesn’t lend itself to being balanced as a campaign. All I can say is this… way back when, old school D and D used to offer scenarios and campaigns that were aimed at parties of certain levels, e.g. 1-3 or 4-6 or 7-10. They were not open to all comers of any level or some players would be struggling.

It may be that Frostgrave needs some tweaking, but any RPG needs that, either locally or through some kind of errata / FAQ.

And here are my attempts so far at getting some treasure tokens and Wizards / Apprentices together. You need one Wizard, one apprentice and up to 8 henchmen. Some random bags and boxes of loot plus some Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors (wolf coat courtesy of Agema Velites and gnarled pointy stick from Conquest Normans I think).