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Warhammer World – a visit

After a long absence from our gaming sessions, my friend Dean and I got to meet up at Warhammer World for a game of 40K. It was great to get back in the Warhammer saddle and play on a great looking table and with Dean’s fantastic armies.

WW had changed a bit since our last visit. The entrance was different and the gaming space a little more crammed up to allow for an expanded shop and a forge World shop.

After narrowly avoiding being blown apart by an aircon unit and regrouping on another table we were able to get down to some good old action.

I almost came close to winning – well not quite but it wasn’t as foregone as i expected. The game really has changed under the bonnet despite appearing to be the same as the previous edition we played.

It seems that vehicles are pretty hard now as you will see from Dean’s own write up HERE (I am not going to repeat the batrep myself).

We managed to learn some of the new game at least and get lunch and FINISH the game with time to look round the shops! Never used to be that way in the old days!!

Thanks Dean, it was a great day and you “dun good” with your painting as always.



San Fransisco visit – Liberty Ship SS Jeremiah O’Brien

This summer my family and I found ourselves lucky enough to travel the USA (briefly) calling in Atlanta, St Louis, San Fransisco, Yosemite and Carmel.

While in SF we came across this pleasant surprise docked a stones throw from Fisherman’s Wharf. It was a welcome relief to board her and get away from the crowds of other tourists. A family ticket cost $45 dollars. Small beams compared to some of the entry fees we paid on the holiday. The money goes toward the upkeep of the ship to keep her sea worthy (she

Was it worth it? Oh yes indeed. The ship is beautiful. Don’t believe me then go down into her engine room and tell me you are not impressed. Steam….

I am not going to mention the ship’s history and vital stats. You can find it all on wikipedia… here.

On deck the wind was blowing enough to make you hang onto your hats as you tried to climb onto the AA guns. Yes, you could work the aft gun – my kids loved it and I have to say so did I.

One thing you should do when on the deck… take a panoramic view of San Fransisco. It’s the best view of the area in my opinion. You get a good view back to the City and across to both Alcatraz island and the Golden Gate bridge (the latter) over the tops of the dockside warehouse. Fantastic.

You can see the topside cranes and also access the cargo holds where there is a museum inside this living museum. the crew quarters and engine room are also accessible.

There are no crew area pictures (sorry) as the light inside the ship was a little too low for the phone camera (you can see that from the engine room images that struggle to come out in focus).

A lot of work goes into maintaining the ship as can be seen by fresh paintwork and greaseĀ  as well as the works in progress as maintenance and repair goes on. A lot of volunteers help keep her this way.

Two hours around the ship was enough to take it all in and was well worth it.

10/10 score for this attraction. Recommended to all – young and old, wargamer and/or modeller.

Note: I will put up another post about the scale model of the Omaha Beach Normandy Landings found in one of the ship’s holds. Too many pictures!


Link to Model post.



Normandy landings – Omaha Beach Model

This fantastic display model can be found onboard the SS Jeremiah O’Brien residing in San Fransisco harbour a short walk from Fisherman’s Wharf.

The scale is around 1/72 and it is kept safely enclosed in a large glass case. The model was donated to the ship by the people of France. The beach sand is actual Omaha beach sand.

Well worth a look around the rest of the ship too!


Flames of War – Version 4 Release Event

The 11th of March saw a Flames of War version 4 release Event being held by Andy Brown at my FLGS Element Games.

The new rulebook was being offered to V3 players who brought in their books. Its a softback full colour A4 sized book with good bindings (we recall the free mini rulebook for v3 with its lack of spine glue!)

So, I collected mine from the store and then went to find Andy in the gaming area.

I was impressed with the hive of activity. Dave Green and Fraser Green were there lending support to the event.

In the end, 5 tables were all gaming away with players trying to get the rule changes into their heads.

Andy had set up a demo of 1200 points for people to try.

I was offered a learning game opposite a new player, another Mike, with Andy reaching and advising.

The game was fun and well done by Andy. My opponent was friendly and we both took the game in a learning spirit.

I have to say I am so far impressed with version 4 for late war at least as that is what we were playing. Some streamlining has gone on but the new Tactical Movement options really opened up the game.

I got a parachute company to use and Mike had a German infantry company. At three points I thought I must have been about to lose, but the game managed to stay going by a last-minute intervention (troops pushing forward at the right time and so on). It felt very dramatic.

Mike ended up winning after pushing me soundly off an objective. Lovely little game with about 4 or 5 platoons each.

I thoroughly enjoyed the event and credit to Andy for setting it up. Nice to see other faces.

I feel energised now and would be happy to have a game of FoW V4 soon.

Thanks guys.


Element North West Games Centre

A couple of weeks back I had an hour to kill in Stockport so headed into Element Games to look in the shop. I couldn’t help but go into the gaming area to get a drink from the bar and take a look at what was going on.

I counted 28 players in a Guild Ball (?) Tournament and 4 guys playing Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th Edition (with some great models guys) on a long table with those great “lave field” battlemats the store has.

I killed an hour, saw some good stuff in the shop and then went back on my way.Thanks for being there Element. Best stocked gaming store i can recall seeing anywhere. I really could have spent 200 pounds on models for Kings of War from a variety of manufacturers.