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Napoleonics – current batch built and undercoated.

I finally completed building and undercoating (in white) the Napoleonic’s I have. Austrians, French, some British. A mix of Victrix, Warlord Games and Perry. There’s about a Brigade of British infantry and a division worth of French and also Austrian infantry. Five French cavalry Regiments (Dragoons, Hussars, Chasseur’s x 2 and Line Lancers). Three cannon each for French and Austrians and one for the British.

The Warlord Games and Perry were pretty quick and easy to build. The Victrix infantry took longer (the French Line were the hardest work for some reason).

The next step is to bite the bullet and get some paint on them. Oh dear.

I still would like some more cavalry. The soon to be released Perry Austrian plastic cavalry for one and some British Hussars too. For completeness some French Cuirassier’s?

So here are the pictures of the boxes all in one place.

Dragon Rampant Rules

I picked this up in lockdown to go with the Lion Rampant rules i have around. I love quick and easy rules and this does the trick for any small battles i may want to run.


Cruel Seas

Now another starter this time I received it for Christmas. I really wanted to check the rules out and see what it was all about. Looks fun and fast paced. I just need time to get it painted up now!



I couldn’t resist getting the merchant ship – its a resin beast at 1/300 scale….


Black Powder starter set.

Another Stater set bought for Napoleonics / Imagi-nations use. At £55 delivered with two forces in plastic plus rulebook and dice its a good way to get into this era IMO.


Some of these have already been removed from sprue and built and undercoated. I couldn’t wait! There were a few metal models (a cannon and crew, two officers).


Hit the Beach (FoW v4)

This is now the only Flames of War or Team Yankee kit I own all the rest has gone. At £30 for a starter set with latest rulebook its hard not to get it to play the occasional WW2 game. Painting post will follow fairly soon.


Back and going large

Its been a long time but I seem to be back in the modelling saddle. After a long break I won’t go into I have the bug to move on again. I have not been completely  quiet but much of what was done was selling (and buying) not painting and gaming.

I recently re-discovered the excellent Henry Hyde and his battlegames website. In particular his imagi-nations posts. Inspired I ordered a few items and ended up with two Napoleonic armies to build and the makings of another one…. oh dear.

So here are some Austrians built and undercoated with Halfords white primer spray. These are all Victrix 28mm on 40×40 bases for Infantry except some officers and skirmishers who are on 20 x 20 mm bases.  The cavalry figures from the infantry sets will feature in another post. These are from two boxes of Late Line Infantry, one of Grenadiers and one of Landwehr.

When it comes to painting, i have my work cut out. Speed painting techniques will hopefully develop!


40K Ratlings Snipers – repaint

A few weeks back I got around to repainting the little unit of classic metal Ratling Snipers that I had sitting on my shelf. They look a lot more co-ordinated and fresher. Who knows they may yet see duty yet…!

I base coated them with black matt primer spray (Halfords) and then painted them with Vallejo paints. The bases are canary sand and PVA glue.