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Altar of Freedom – Timecast Roads and Rivers

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I finally found time to paint up the rivers and roads I bought months ago to use in the 6mm ACW “Altar of Freedom” wargame.

These were from Timecast models (narrow roads and rivers sections). Basically, some pretty decent latex type scenic items that were easy to clean and paint.

I really like the Fords. Simple yet effective.

The flexible sections fit together well and sit over uneven ground quite well.

They were easy to clean with some warm soapy water (you don’t really need to do this, but it only adds a few minutes to wash and pat them dry with a towel.

The website says they don’t need primer so I just used part of a bulk pack of “Burnt Umber” (chocolate-brown!) watercolour paint that I watered down a bit. It painted on well (I put it on quite generously). It took about 2 hours to dry.

The roads and river banks were dry brushed with Vallejo Game Color Khaki paint. The river bed was painted with Vallejo Game Color Mutation Green then over painted with a drybrush of a blue shade (Vallejo Game Color Magic Blue).

I just need to add some static grass and such to the edges of roads and riverbanks.

Looking at all the maps in the two scenario packs for AoF that you need about 8 or 9 feet of river plus about 2 feet or so of wide river. The creeks I will find another way of modelling.

The roads I have cover 8 feet plus some junctions and fords. I need about 26 feet total to do the most complicated 6×4 board for AoF.


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